web design company in bangalore
web design company in bangalore

Website Design

Web Design Company in Odisha with Brand Bikash Infosystem Limited believes that a website is not about having luxury screens and jazzy animations, Rather having a dashboard to describe company information, company products, services to public in sort format globally. For the typical businessman, a website is the most important and powerful tool for strategic marketing. If your company is unable to make a good professional website design, then sometime it seems natural for visitors to your site to assume that your company can not offer good products or services.

We, a professional website design company India offers web page design accessible websites and web pages. We also undertake custom jobs web design with a quality design with affordability. Our website design is a perfect blend of creativity, simplicity, and the class.From conceptualization and creation to full development and implementation – that the we, focusing on all aspects of managing a web project. Whether it’s designing the logo and theme of a website or the information flow and execution – we use our years of experience and advanced technology to give the best.

Our team use the power and flexibility of in the following programming to develop fast, interactive and live solutions in order to support your product or business goals.

We specialize in website design and web portal development, but we also place a lot of focus on marketing web sites and businesses. That’s because we know that having a great web site isn’t enough. You have to be able to market that web site so that Internet users can find you. That’s why we don’t just create a good-looking web site and then wash our hands of it. We work with you to ensure that the web sites gets outstanding results -we develop solutions beyond technology.

  • Custom-tailored websites
  • Existing website redesign
  • Complete solutions
  • Logo Design

Details of Services :

Static web page : It’s a html page with few pictures and banner. It’s a fixed page that client can’t modify it. Any modification needs to be change in source code.

Semi-Flash web page :
It’s a combination of static and flash designing. Here you will find some flash animated picture, button, banner. Basically we are designing flash header and menu.

Dynamic web page : This page consists of retrieving data from database and showing it on the webpage with required format. It requires database support. For example : – Matrimonial sites, Job sites, Search engine sites. In this case the user can modify his side through a admin panel which is known as CMS-Content Management System.

Complete Dynamic Website : This page consist of retrieving data from database and showing it in the webpage with required format. In this case all the data of a webpage retrieving from the database. In this case the user can modify his site as well as user can change the content of a page. And also the user can add as many no. of pages as per his requirement.

Website Redesigning : This is a service that if someone has his website and the design of the website is not good as per the client and client need to be change the design then that site need to be redesign.

Website Development : With companies trying to make their online presence felt, web site development services are assuming a lot of importance. We offer web site designing and maintenance services- with the objective to make your web site both search engine and customer friendly and generating more business online. Our services include:

  • Custom designs with innovative features
  • Resources to set up your online store
  • Unique designs for business identity online
  • Online control for managing products, pricing, and updating information

Choosing the right ,reliable, affordable web design company is determinative for delight completion of your web design endeavor. Now, creating an eye-catching website is just a step away.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique and trick of increasing your website’s visibility to search engines for those important keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. It is amazing to realize that most web sites are not properly optimized for maximum search engine visibility. The key to Internet success is to ensure that your website ranks highly in the various search engines commonly used.

At Bikash Infosystem, we not only design fascinating website designs, but we also employ proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that can assist to rank your websites in the top positions on all major search engines.

Our Key features of the SEO strategy includes:

  • Goal Setting
  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Formulate final Strategy.

We adopt the following SEO Methodology

  • Search Engine Submission – It’s amazing to know that so many websites aren’t even indexed in the search engines. This implies loosing out on a large number of potential customers. We help you optimize your website in such a way as to ensure that it has the best chance of scoring highly with the search engines. We hand submit your website for inclusion in the top search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, Ask Jeeves, MSN, Lycos, Altavista, Alltheweb, and others.
  • Keyword Analysis – Our strategy is to research and target the key terms people use most often. We will provide a list of up to 100 top keywords targeted specifically for your website, including statistics on total searches and competing web pages.
  • Directory Submission – We write a custom listing for your website and submit it to the Open Directory Project and other leading web directories, saving you hundreds of dollars in fees and increasing your site’s popularity on other search engines.
  • Web Page Optimization – We tweak your web pages’ structure and content and aim at few selected competitive search terms, raising its rankings in the search engines. We create the best titles, headings, links and meta-tags.
  • Web Page Creation – Our experts SEO consultant / Employee at Bikash Infosystem will professionally research and write content for your website, targeting the keywords so that more and more search engines rank your site as an authority on the subject.
  • Google Ad-words Consulting – This option enables you to choose your monthly budget. We would then evaluate dozens of targeted keywords and write 5-10 ads for your site. Depending on your budget, your ad will appear on the first page of search results on Google and its partner sites. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. We can start your advertising budget for as low as a dollar per day. This option also gives you the flexibility to log into your account at any time to increase or decrease your budget or add and remove keywords for your ads.

Our Services under SEO Activity on clients website includes both On page and Off Page activity as follows:

:::::: Our Services ensure ::::::
Higher & Broader visibility across search engines
Enhanced Brand / Product / Service visibility
Increased inflow of visitors both in terms of traffic & uniqueness
Higher rate of conversion of sales lead
:::::: Service Spectrum ::::::
Research & Analysis ::::::
Keyword Analysis
Industry Analysis
Website Analysis
Log File Analysis
Position Monitoring
Visitors’ Behaviors Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Website Auditing
Analyzing Existing Promotional Activities
Website code / Graphics analysis
Web Site Architecture Assessment
On-Page ::::::
Original and Attractive Title
Attractive Description
H1 / H2 tags
Static Sitemap
Image Alt Tags
Content Fixing
xhtml/w3c Validation
SEO Copywriting
Browser Compatibility
Page Size and Load Time
Canonical Issue Fixing
Duplicate Content Fixing
Broken Link and 404
IP location
Spider Simulation
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster Central
Script Optimization
Spider Friendly Navigation
Source Code Optimization
Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)
Off-Page ::::::
Search Engine Submissions
Software Submission
Directory Submission
Googlebase Submission
Article Submission
Forum Posting
Blog Submission
Contest Submission
Social Bookmarking
Threeway Linking
Video Submission
Paid Links
Link Bait
Press Release Submission
E-book Submission
Reciprocal Link Building
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2D Graphics

We are the leading company for graphics & 2D work in bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. We have expert creative team who have good past track record in corporate branding and interactive media content design using Graphics & 2D work.

Our creative graphic design services include Logo Design and branding, GUI design, Newsletter Design, E-brochures design, online banner design advertisements, podium design; the list is perpetual. Our graphic design services can be better defined as you name it, you got it. Our graphic designers love the challenge and put their heart and soul into the details of designing even the smallest elements.

In this era of global markets and huge competition, your services and products need to stand out attention. E-mail and Internet Marketing and SEO tools provide your customers an interactive product with strong visual images of their products and services. The integration of images as part of an existing website or interactive CD brochures give them something extra that others do not. It attracts the attention of visitors.

If you need to maximize your customer base and user attention, or give examples to support the information either in applications or databases, multimedia, goes a long way in ensuring that you are able to efficiently and effectively the message given its brand image and market positioning. A multimedia combines different media types into a single presentation. These different media types include text, video, animation, audio and graphics.

Similar to the concept of a television program, educational or business oriented, multimedia productions, is tailored specifically to meet your needs, whether your needs include employee training, customer service, or product development and marketing.

We are expert group of people with experts in 2D graphics work. We have a creative team who designs best interactive design work for best business value representation.

Graphic Designing is one of the many fortes of Bikash Infosystem. But designing is what we are passionate and creative all about. Bikash Infosystem implements design with new level of creativity that takes new dimension for clients business value. We offer graphic designing of all shapes and sizes to all type of industries. We ensure that all your graphic designing needs are met to complete satisfaction.

Bikash Infosystem is a graphic design company that has been distinctly serving small or medium size businesses as well as huge enterprises from around the world. The key to our efficiency is our competent team, affordable prices, quick development time and prompt delivery.

Our creative graphic design services include Logo Design and branding, GUI design, Newsletter Design, E-brochures design, online banner design advertisements, podium design; the list is perpetual. Our graphic design services can be better defined as you name it, you got it. Our graphic designers love the challenge and put their heart and soul into the details of designing even the smallest elements.

We manage multimedia projects from beginning to end including theme development, 3D introduction, design, programming, sound and voice over everything you say about multimedia. We offer complete design solution and multimedia solutions, interactive CD presentation with Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and many more.From smaller presentations to the heavy complex interactive displays,. Multimedia Company India has extensive experience in designing, developing, delivering multimedia solutions and prepare them for distribution. Know more about multimedia designing:

Interactive Designing
2D & 3D Modeling
3D Architectural Designing
3D Walkthroughs
Audio & Video Editing
Logo Designing
Corporate Identity Development
Best 2D Graphics designing Company in Odisha

When still images are not sufficient to explain the complex interactions that produce photo-real virtual tour for use in marketing. Time-based animations of complex construction proposals demonstrate and give our customers the tools to win contracts.

3D Modeling company in odisha Bhubaneswar: By using the magic of 3D animation we can create the architecture by freelance 3D modeling so that your clients will just see that as if they are looking at the actual objects like a construction site or an exhibition stall design or any other event. A perspective, is actually a representation of an image as perceived by the human eye. The prospect of three points usually consists of images of architecture that give a bird’s eye view of buildings or a view from below. This 3D image can be created using free hand drawing, graph construction, a grid of perspective or the use of computers. The most effective and realistic view of the image can be accomplished with the aid of computer applications.

3D Walkthroughs
If you are working on a dream project you will always like to visualize that first in front of your eyes so that there are no flaws left in that. Generally when we talk about construction we only work on our imaginations and the actual result comes much later so wanted walk-through help you see the virtual reality much before the actual construction is done so you can plan in much better way.

3D Product Simulations
It is just like creating a mirror image without a mirror. It is basically immitation of some real object or a given situation. 3D product simulation is very helpful in putting forward your ideas in virtual reality by making a 3D replica of your proposed product.


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We are a leading customized software development company in Bhubaneswar With office in odisha, Bangalore and Hyderabad. we have been developing application from search ideas, business specification, migrating desktop applications, building domain specific applications.

Bikash Infosystem is a global Odisha IT Services Company or Software Company in Odisha, that ensures maximum performance by providing software solutions and quality services to its clients. Bikash Infosystem Ltd provides Software Development with the customization according to requirements of the clients and best fit to their business needs. We don’t believe in the selling of “ready made” software product and force the client to change their business process to fit the software requirements. These applications are custom developed to fit your business environment.

Bikash Infosystem Ltd has a team of highly competent resources having expertise in .Net,PHP, RubyRails, Java and Open Source technologies to help shape your business ideas into productive software solutions.As an India based software outsourcing company, Bikash Infosystem focuses on the qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective software development services offshore. We offer the ultimate application to custom web development services for all clients to 100% accuracy and timeliness.

Bikash Infosystem has a well-defined, SEI based and mature application development process comprising of the complete software development life-cycle (SDLC) from feasibility study, business requirements analysis, application definition, application design, to testing, implementation and warranty support of the application.

Bikash Infosystem is the best professional software company after successfully completing numerous client projects online from india and abroad. We develop bespoke customized software solutions that meet business objectives of our clients and ensure long term value. Our computing solutions help enterprises, business house and organizations to save cost,time and manpower without compromising quality. With the scalability,global service delivery model and flexibility to support long-term growth, Bikash Infosystem provide a single point of accountability to promote rapid return on investment. We offer complete end-to-end and cost-effective customized software development solutions using the most advanced software platforms and technologies in projects.These applications include web application(internet/intranet) and design to customers from the small and medium enterprise.

Custom Software Development offering:

  • Full cycle software/product application co-development
  • Software Version and release support
  • Product re-engineering
  • Third party QA and testing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Software integration

We classify our customized software development work into Client Side Coding, Server Side Coding, Database Technology. We can develop application or software remotely or from our offsource development center depending on scope and software requirement specification sheet designed in Requirement Analysis phase. We maintain all documents like SRS, Feasibility report, ER diagram, UML/ DFD designs, Class Diagram, Gantt Chat , State diagram , test Report, test case analysis and End user License agreement for smooth execution of development process.We helps enterprises in migration of software technology, upgradation of software technology, adoption of new technology, implementing computerization and automation in industries using our software development research team. Our team has expertise in developing apps that are supported by Microsoft technology, Apple Technology, Linux Operating system/Platform.

Software Application Technologies:

LAMP: Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP
MISNET:Microsoft, IIS server, SQL server, .NET technology

J2EE: Component (Applet, Servlet/JSP, JSF, EJB, JMS, JTA, & JCA), Web services (WSDL, UDDI, & JAXP), and Other (JDBC, JDO, JNLP, & JNDI)

J2ME: CLDC (MIDP profile & WMA/MM/Location/3D/Bluetooth/WSA APIs), CDC (FP/PBP/PP profiles and RMI/JDBC APIs)

Component: OOAD/UML, EJB, COM/DCOM, ActiveX, ODBC, DirectX, and CORBA (IDL/RMI-IIOP)

Web/application servers: Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Orion, Jakarta, IIS, BizTalk, MAMQ, MTS, BEA WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, Oracle,MS Access, and DB/2

User Controls, Crystal Reports, and Remoting


  • HTML, DHTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, VB, VBScript, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO, and ADO.Net, PHP, Classic ASP,Ruby,Python
  • JAVA, C#, C++, VB.NET
  • JavaScript, VBscript, AJAX, JQuery, AJAX
Software Services
Software Consultancy
Software Supply
Custom Software Solutions
Data Processing
Data Digitization
Process Automation
Best Software Company in Odisha , in India
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